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Control of all types of heating (electricity) via presence detector.

Vigibat 2810 GTB

delivered with 1 or 2 presence detectors and 1 temperature sensor

Can be connected to all types of GTB with

interface for providing heating periods for comfort, reduced heating and anti-freeze modes

As an option it can be connected to Optibus or Optiwatt

Outputs fed through electro-mechanical contactors or semiconductor switches from 10 kW to 500 kW


length 173 mm,

width 136 mm,

depth 230 mm

Weight: 3.200 kg


  • Presence detection via one or more triple technology detectors: temperature, infra-red and microwave. Other detectors can be added at rate of one for every 250 m² (approximately).

  • Control varies with the internal temperature as measured by a sensor in the controlled zone

  • Unplanned heat gains (from sun, number of occupants, number of operational machines...) are taken into account

  • On the front of the unit, the program can be overridden manually for a period of time, after which the program automatically resumes.

  • Heating mode status is displayed: comfort heating period in red and economy period in yellow.

  • Heating output fed to 5 Ampere relay. (only on Vigibat 2800 unit).

  • An auxiliary output, which is controlled by the presence detector, controls the lighting and ventilation systems

  • It also has a remote input for connection to a telephone line or a central control system to set the anti-freeze temperature.

  • There is also a loop circuit which together with a thermostat can be used to switch off the system when doors or windows are opened and also to switch to the anti-freeze temperature setting (set by the manager) if the public exits are opened.

  • Can be used with all types of heating (gas, oil or electric). Electromechanical contactors must be provided to control the electric heating power.

  • Cabling connections are very simple; only 2 wires for the sensor and 4 wires for the presence detector.


2810 SE

2810 GTB Outputs for lighting, ventilation system + auxiliary output


See Vigibat 2850


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