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Vigibat 2850

Control of all types of heating (electricity) via presence detector with semiconductor switching



Vigibat 2850 GTB

25 kW to 45 kW unit delivered with 1 presence detector, and 1 temperature sensor.

Dimensions: length 245 mm, width 222 mm, depth 110 mm

Weight: 3,470 kg

Advantages of Vigibat 2850 unit
  • Same features as the Vigibat 2810 unit

  • Semiconductor switching from 10 kW to 45 kW

  • Display of operational status using indicator lamps

  • Switching using triacs or alternistors for powers between 10 kW and 45 kW

  • Silent switching

  • Absence of switching transient breakthrough on IT and telephone circuits.

  • Switching takes place at zero point of voltage waveform

  • Thousands of switching cycles can be performed over several years without any mechanical contact wear

  • Not sensitive to humidity

  • Designed and manufactured to industrial standards

  • Can operate either as a centralised system or as a distributed system

  • Compatible with all types of electrical heating systems (convector heaters, radiant panels, heating foil panels, fan convector heaters, heated floor coverings, electric boilers, radiant ceiling units...)

  • Simple connections without control cabling

  • Compatible with technical requirements of Electricité De France and other industrial organisations

  • Meets requirements of following standards – UTE NCC 70-101, UTE NCC 70-102, UTE NCC 70-103, UTE NCC 93-703, and EMC regulations on radiation and sensitivity


single phase - 1 module

10 kW

Vigibat 2850GTBE/10 

15 kW

Vigibat 2850GTBE/15

Three phase - 3 modules

20 kW

Vigibat 2850GTBE/20 

30 kW

Vigibat 2850GTBE/30 

45 kW

Vigibat 2850GTBE/45 

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